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Standard Operating Procedures

Process improvement is not synonymous with documentation. A well-developed SOP Manual wrapped in a pretty bow is not the end-game. Once completed, it will not do you any good on the bookshelf, no matter how great the processes are. The final document, a customized and complete SOP Manual must be a continuous, living, breathing part of your day to day business. While implementing, and to assure the improvement of the processes as things change, process “owners” must be empowered and equipped to develop ideas that improve quality and consistency, enhance customer service, reduce waste, streamline effort and make the business operate more efficiently.

This program was developed in partnership with the Cremation Association of North America (CANA).



A review of your existing policies and an updated and current Standard Operating Procedure Manual can be developed and customized to your specific business to get you on the right path.



Your staff are CANA operator certified, and your OSHA manual and training is in order -- what about the rest of your crematory operations? Make sure your policies and procedures are comprehensive and implemented.



A comprehensive SOP can set clear-cut expectations and makes it easier to hold staff accountable.  Having strong processes and following these procedures consistently, yields better client satisfaction, brings in more clients, and lowers the liability for the company.

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